School Quizzes

Students, these school quizzes will help you find out more about yourself and your studies.

Ancient World History Quiz

The Greeks and Romans gave the world beautiful monuments, some of them being perfect example of architecture and design. You think you know everything about the ancient world? Take this quiz and let yourself know about it.

World Politics Quiz

It is important to know about political situations around the world. Do you know about political systems that exist in all the countries? Can you correctly name presidents and prime minister? Take this quiz to test your knowledge.

Can you guess the year?

How good are you at remembering dates? Take this quiz and see how well you know the correct years of these events!

Countries of the World Quiz

Test your knowledge on the countries of the world.

Name the junk food!

A fun quiz about your favorite kind of food: junk food!

US Capitals Quiz

Name these US state capitals!

Guess the DC Comics characters!

Here's a quiz on the super famous DC comic characters! How well do you know them?

What job is good for you?

Are you wondering which kind of job you should pursue? Do you want to explore your talents and pick a job that suits your personality best? Then take this fun quiz.

Name These Biblical Characters

Have you read the Bible? Can you name all the characters of the Bible? Test your knowledge!

Who painted what?

Test your knowledge on paintings and artists!

Image Source: Phil Roeder