Relationship Quizzes

Sometimes problems in relationships can be sorted out by taking quizzes. Find out whats happening in your life with these relationship quizzes.

Are you being manipulated by your partner?

Manipulative partners can make a loving relationship seem like a nightmare. From being too controlling to almost being dominating, manipulative partners are very tricky to deal with. Is your partner manipulative? Find out with this quiz.

Are you too trusting?

While trust is the foundation of any relationship and you should trust your near and dear ones, it is easy to get carried away and be betrayed by people whom you wrongfully trust. Find out if you are too trusting or not with this quiz.

Are you ready to move in together?

Moving in with someone is a big deal. If you've decided to move in with your partner, it means that you're just one step short of marriage. Before taking a final call, take this quiz and find out whether you are really ready to move in with your partner or not.

Are you ready to get married?

While most men and women want to have a steady partner and walk down the aisle at some point in their lives, the question is when. Take this fun quiz and find out whether you are ready to get married or not.

Is he interested in more than friendship?

Do you have a guy friend who seems to be omnipresent in your life and in everything that you do on a daily basis? Are you beginning to suspect his motives and feelings towards you? Find out if he is interested in more than just friendship with you, with this quiz.

Are you emotionally ready for sex?

You may be in a relationship but that doesn't mean that you're ready for sex. Being ready for sex ideally requires high levels of understanding, commitment and maturity. Take this quiz to find out if you are emotionally ready for sex or not.

Is your relationship worth saving?

No relationship is exempt from fights and arguments. After all, we are all human and if you are having fights with your partner, you are no different. But if the fights get too serious and never ending, you may want to take stock of the situation and find out if your relationship is worth saving or not. Take this quiz and find out for yourself.

Will you end up having a long term relationship with your boyfriend?

When you are in the stages of infancy in your relationship, there's always a question looking large in your mind - whether you and your crush will work out or not. Put your worries to rest by taking this quiz and finding out.

Is it better to be single?

We all have our share of mood swings on whether we want to remain single or not. Take this quiz to find out once and for all - would you like to be single or date someone?

Do you care for your partner?

Whether your crush is your lifelong partner or not will be determined by how much you care of him/her. Why not take this fun quiz and find out?

Image Source: William Christiansen