Dating Quizzes

If you are in the game of dating, these quizzes will help you answer a few of your questions and help you become a better date.

Is my best friend in love with my friend?

Relationships are truly complicated. Your best friend may fall for your friend and become her lover. And, your lover can become your friend. Ok, so is your best friend in love with your friend? Take the quiz below to know more.

Is it love or friendship?

Are you in love or is it only friendship? There is a difference between the two. If you are in love, you will know for sure for signs of friendships are a tad different. Is it love or friendship, take the quiz below to know.

Is he a keeper?

Is he the kind of guy you want to hold on to or not? Take this quiz to find out if he is a keeper or not.

Are you masculine?

Are you touch and macho enough or are you shy and introvert like a girl? Take this quiz to find out how masculine you are.

Are you and your best friend falling in love?

It's a common thing to fall for your best friend. The emotions of friendship turn into love in no time, and you can't really live without that person. Are you and your best friend falling in love? Take the quiz below.

What kind of boyfriend are you?

Boyfriends can be controlling, caring, loving and of many other types. Which one are you? Find out with this quiz.

What kind of guy is right for me?

Compatibility is an important part of any relationship. Have you ever thought about what kind of guy may be right for you? Take this fun quiz to find out.

What kind of girl is right for me?

Have you ever thought about your compatibility levels with a girl? What kind of girl do you think will suit your personality? Take this quiz to find out.

Are you a gold digger?

What do you care more about love or money? Would you marry for money? Take this quiz to find out whether you are a gold digger or not.

Is my boyfriend controlling?

Does your boyfriend take a decision on your behalf every single time? Does he decide what you will do, eat, wear etc? Take this to find out if your boyfriend is too controlling or not.

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