Boyfriend Quizzes

Girls, take a boyfriend quiz and know more about your dating and love life right away.

Is my boyfriend gay?

Have you ever suspected your boyfriend's sexuality because of his effeminate qualities or strange sexual behavior? Take this quiz to find out whether your boyfriend is gay or not.

Is he more than a friend?

Are you confused whether your friend is more than just a friend? Take this quiz to find out he is indeed, more than a friend.

Is your boyfriend in love with you?

Is your boyfriend pampering you enough? Is he showering you with sweet nothings as much as you'd like him to? Take this quiz to find out whether your boyfriend loves you or not.

Is he trying to tell you he likes you?

Do you always look at a particular boy and think that maybe, he likes you or maybe he doesn't? Well, take this quiz and put your worries to rest.

Should I date him or not?

Making the decision of dating someone is a tough call. You have to be extra careful of the person's behavior and how it will affect you in the future. Take this fun quiz to know whether you should date the guy you've been thinking about or not.

Do your friends like your boyfriend or girlfriend?

Do you feel that your friends are uncomfortable when your boyfriend or girlfriend is around? Find out if your friends like your partner or not with this fun quiz.

Image Source: Katie Tegtmeyer